Making IT an Asset instead of a Liability

Welcome to Boria BV

Boria BV is a Netherlands based IT firm which holds a strong belief in IT being just a means to get to an end. IT must bring value for money. IT must save or make money for organizations and provide a good experience for all of its users.

In our experience, more often than not, this is not the case. There is no alignment between business and IT. And there, we can support you on several levels:

  • Enterprise Architecture. Alignment of the organization, processes, information, applications and infrastructure with the business goals, to make sure they all contribute to the bottom line.
  • Requirements Management. Creating a common understanding between the business stakeholders and the IT department or project. Requirements Management helps ensure that IT delivers what the business wants.
  • IT Process Improvement. Improving the IT development and support processes and tooling, such that the IT organization can operate more efficiently.
  • Application Development. Delivering browser-based applications, that just work as expected, from initial requirements to deployment and support.
  • Corporate Communities. Bringing people together with the aid of web2.0 technology. Communities within the organization this stimulates knowledge sharing and informal communication. Customer (or for example supplier) communities create commitment towards the organization and can be a valuable source of information.

We are looking forward to supporting you getting the most out of IT!


Drupal 6 has been released
Wed, 02/13/2008 - 21:00
Drupal 6 is finally here. After 4 release candidates, Drupal 6 was released today. There are a number of neat new features and usability improvements. Mentioning two of them, multi language support is now in core, allowing for an even more easy setup of a multi lingual site. Another new feature is openID support, allowing users to reuse their accounts on a number of websites.
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First Dutch DrupalJam
Sun, 10/21/2007 - 20:09
The first Dutch DrupalJam will be held at Mediapark in Hilversum on November 16th, 2007. Starting at 14:00, Dutch Drupal users will get together for presentations, networking and working on the Dutch translation of Drupal 6.0. For the complete program, see the Dutch Drupal group.
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Boria supports Drupalcon Barcalona
Thu, 08/23/2007 - 21:10
Boria BV is a supporter of the Drupalcon Barcalona. Above 400 Drupal users / enthusiasts / gurus from around the world are expected to attend the conference dedicated solely to the well-known open source content management system Drupal.
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